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The first weeks with my book has been..

....amazing. Scary. Nervous. Wonderful.

I have learned so much and I have made new friends, all over the world. How amazing isn’t that. Something I didn´t expect but are welcoming.

And I have received my first reviews. They are hitting me right in my heart, I can´t deny that. Many are so beautiful, and I cherish them more than I could imagine. And those, few, that are low… I am okay with them. My book is not for everyone.

Now my focus is set on publishing “No. 204 is going home” also as audiobook. My goal is to have is in place during February.

Until then, I am here. Just reach out if you are in a Book Club! I would be more than happy to “pop in” via Skype and participate in a discussion about my book😊



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