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New release at Amazon December2020

Thank you for finding me!

I will do everything I can to give you great reading experiences, that gives you inspiration and joy!

The first launch is the book "No 204 is going home". A book about survival, love, the meaning of life, losing and finding yourself. In other words… being human.

The story has lived in my heart, under my fingers. Now I'm about to release it. It's an amazing feeling. It's a scary feeling. Revelation and nudity, inescapable and important.

I've known this day was coming. And I've been longing for it.

In parallel with this book, I have also written a romance series about Sofie. The first book will be published in 2021.

Let´s start with “No 204 is going home”.

Are you in a book club? When you have your book club meeting to discuss the book, feel free to invite me for a short chat via Skype/Zoom! Place a request via the website.

Stay tuned, there will be early bird prices at launch.

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